COVID-19 Social Distancing Latest Update

You will probably already be aware the Prime Minister has announced that the Social Distancing measures will be further relaxed from 4th July 2020.

Whilst the Prime Minister announced that a distance of 1m with risk mitigation (face coverings, screens etc.) would be permitted we need to make it clear that the latest guidance still states the following;

Businesses and workplaces should make every reasonable effort to enable working from home as a first option. Where working from home is not possible, workplaces should make every reasonable effort to comply with the social distancing guidelines set out by the government (2m, or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable, is acceptable. You should consider and set out the mitigations you will introduce in your risk assessments).

At Direct Safety Solutions, we will still be advising to work from home wherever possible and maintain 2m wherever possible.

The latest guidance is free to download here;