Coronavirus (COVID-19) Documentation

As we approach Phase 2 of the Governments Coronavirus Action Plan, the Prime Minister is due to set out as series of 7 guides for a variety of industries outlining what measures must be in place to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their Employees and Customers etc.


A common theme across all guides is that Employers with 5 or more people must document a Risk Assessment for their operation and to highlight how they will implement the Government guidelines and reduce the potential spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).


At Direct Safety Solutions we have a new product to work with you document your risk assessment and other key documents to include;


  1. Initial telephone/video consultation with you.
  2. Production of draft COVID-19 Risk Assessment for the Premises.
  3. Production of draft COVID-19 Risk Assessment for Site Based Work.
  4. COVID-19 Policy.
  5. COVID-19 Employee Fact Sheet for issue and display on notice boards.
  6. COVID-19 screening documents.
  7. Follow up call to discuss the documents.


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